07 - How to Open Up to Spirit And the Angels

When I first became interested in clairvoyance and mediumship I read a book, as I have mentioned before,  by Betty Shine, the great medium and healer, who is now in the spirit world.

She said that she called upon any amount of 'helpers' from the afterlife, whenever she was in trouble or needed some help.

If you think about it, on planet earth, there are millions of specialists.  Specialists for all kinds of things.  Flower cultivation, animal husbandry, veterinary practices, doctors, nurses, teachers, mechanics.  There is a specialist for just about anything you can image.

My elder daughter is a nurse and specialises in intensive care babies.  She recently was asked to help out in the A and E department and the staff would often call her whenever a sick child came in.  She had to keep telling them that she knew very little about the illnesses that five or eight year olds are prone to as she specialised in new borns.

So, you see, even in one area there are more specialists.  In flowers there are people who specialise in growing roses and geraniums and nothing else.

So, therefore it stands to reason that there are specialist angels in the angelic realms!

So, my suggestion to you is to call upon a specialist angel, Archangel or Guardian angel to help you whenever you are going to do an angel card reading.

Say something like the following -

"I now call upon my specialist Guardian Angel to assist me with this reading.  Thank you."

"I now call upon a specialist Archangel to help me with my readings, Thank you."

Follow this with the following prayer -

"I now call upon my specialist Guardian Angel to create a sacred space around me and my client.  Thank you."

It does not matter whether your client is in the same room as you or if he/she is in some other country.  It will still work.

I also call upon Archangels to help me with my readings.  I call upon the Archangels, Michael, Metatron, Gabriel and Raphael.

You may like to call upon any number of guides, helpers, specialists and Archangels.  Just go with the flow.  See how you feel.

You can, before you begin, sit quietly, and 'see' who turns up to help you with your readings.

At the end, say thank you to your guides, specialists and angels for turning up and helping you.

Much clearer readings can be given when you have lots of help from guides, specialists and angels.

If you have a client with a specific problem, then ask for a specialist guide who knows how to help people with this specific problem.

"I now call upon a specialist guide who knows how to help my client with his/her problem.  thank you."

So remember to call upon your specialists before you do a reading.