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Give Up!

Barbara Burgess Psychic Reading
Barbara Burgess Psychic Reading
Barbara Burgess Psychic Reading

Now this post may be a bit controversial.


Maybe you have been taught to – never give up – and I am saying here to – give up.


What I really mean is to give in and this might be slightly different to giving up.


What happens when a person reaches rock bottom?

They sort of relax.  Or they sort of give in.  In other words they stop fighting whatever it is they were fighting.  They give up.  They give up fighting.

And then, hey presto their life seems to turn around and miracles happen.


i am sure you have read many stories of people who have been right at the bottom and have then made a name for themselves or have become millionaires or have made it regardless of all the odds.


People who have gone from nothing or from being a no-body to being rich and/or famous.


This is because when they reached rock bottom – the bottom of the pit – they stopped fighting.  They gave up.  They gave in.  They said, “okay, I give up, I turn it all over to you.”  (whoever ‘you’ might be – God – the angels – spirit – the Universe)


Abraham of Ester Hicks and Abraham – says that “what you resist, persists” – what you fight against you only get more of.   What you push against continues in your life – only more so, sometimes.


When you say something like, “I don’t want………..”  Then you are focussing on two thing s- what you don’t want and what you want in its place. However, because you are focussing on both these things – what you don’t want and what you do want – then you will get both of these things in your life.  The thing you don’t want and the thing you do want.  The more you focus on what you don’t want then the more of what you don’t want is what will turn up in your life.

It is the same when you are resisting something or fighting something.  It will still keep on turning up in your life simply because that is what you are thinking about all the time.

Give up, give in.  This is very much like living in the now.


Right now – you are okay.  Right now – you are fine.

Right now, if you think about something that makes you smile or makes you laugh or makes you happy – then right now you are smiling or happy or laughing or just plain content.  Right now – all is fine, all is okay, you are safe.


People have been fighting wars, fighting poverty, fighting disease – and what happens?  We still have wars, poverty and disease.  We fight it and so we keep on creating it.


If you can imagine someone who is in a lot of pain.  They will be tensed up.  They will be fighting the pain.  if they relax – say, at a dentist or if they are a woman in labour – and they relax – then the pain eases.


When you fight something or get stressed about something then you can end up with a tension headache and all kinds of aches and pains in your body and you can feel worse and then it seems to make matters worse.  you fall over or you drop something, you forget things and you really end up having a terrible day.


Give up – give in – give it over to the Universe.  Relax, meditate, take a walk in the country or just sit outside for a while with your favourite cup of tea or coffee.  Relax, be calm, be still.  Take some easy breaths.  And then, see what happens!


Here’s to your health and to many blessings turning up in your life – Barbara x


©Barbara Burgess 2018


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