Open Circle


An Open Circle will be held every Tuesday from Tuesday January 9th 2018.


The Diamond Centre,
Diamond Avenue,

Kirby In Ashfield, Nottingham,


NG17 7GQ

TIME – 7 p.m. for a 7.30 start until about 9 p.m.

£3 entry.

It is hoped that people will chatter together with like-minds before and after the circle as it can be very difficult to find ‘psychic’ and like-minded people to talk to about ‘weird’ stuff.

It is a good idea to bring along your own bottle of drinking water for the open circle.  There is a drinking fountain but you will need a cup.  Please do not drink the tap water as it is stored in an overhead container and is only usable when boiled.

Resident medium will be myself – Barbara Burgess – I have over 45 years experience as a medium.

PLEASE NOTE – The building can look a bit dark.

Parking is available round the back.

Reception Entrance round the back.

We have dimmed lights for the circle and so the building may look as if it is unoccupied.

The car park and exterior lights come on as you walk and activate them.

We do keep the back door locked to stop passers by entering.  Please knock on the door to be let in if the doors are locked.

Toilets and dissabled toilets are in the building.

A water fountain is available if you bring your own plastic glass or you can top up water bottles with it.  Please do not drink the tap water as it has to be boiled first.



Open Circle

  • Arrive before 7.30 in order to find your seat and settle yourself in.
  • Bring your own bottle of drinking water – this is a good idea even if you do not intend giving out messages.
  • Chat to other like-minded  people before and after the open circle.
  • Wear casual clothing.  People can get too hot or too cold when they do a meditation.  Please be aware of this.
  • We will open with an introduction.
  • There will then be a short Invocation or prayer.
  • Then a short meditation.
  • Then people will be offered the chance to talk about what they ‘saw’ or what happened or how they felt during the meditation.  If you got or felt nothing then just say, ‘I’m okay thanks’ or something like that. 
  • It is fine whether you wish to give out messages or not. 
  • It is fine if you just wish to sit in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for the evening.
  • This is the time when anyone can give out a message if they want to.
  • Time for questions as well.
  • The circle is open to anyone and everyone – beginners or fully fledged mediums or anyone who just wants to spend some quiet time with friendly people.
  • It is also open to people who wish to learn how to communicate with spirit.  I do give private and group lessons if you want to learn more.
  • Closing prayer.
  • Chat, questions or chin-wag.