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Bad Hair Day!

Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Day

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right?

I know I have and I had one quite recently.


It seemed that all our neighbours, at once, had decided to either have a new fence put up or a driveway put down or a shed built.  There were noises coming from every direction.

Lorries delivering stuff.  Men shouting.  Lots of kerfuffle.


Unfortunately my Border Collie Mitch does not like noise, especially machinery noise.  He absolutely hates the sound of electrical equipment, apart from the vacuum cleaner.

So, on top of all the digging and hammering noises there were barking noises coming from Mitch.


Then a neighbour went out and left her dog crying in the back garden.  It is not a very nice sound to hear.  An upset dog howling or crying.


It was a very warm day and so I kept the windows open and had the back door open so that Mitch could go into the garden whenever he wanted to.


I was trying to finish some work on my computer and I just could not seem to get any of the apps to work.  Loading was slow and pages seemed to disappear for no reason.


I became very frustrated.  I bought an app and then found it was not what I really wanted.  But it was easy to email the people and get my money back.


The phone kept ringing with people trying to sell me stuff.  People knocked on the front door trying to sell me stuff.  And so it went on.


When my husband came home in the evening I did a pretend scream at him as I felt so frustrated with the day.  My plan was to get my work finished but I seemed to meet a hurdle at every corner.


I then decided to take my dog out and not only took a wrong pathway that made the walk longer – I had not been to that area for quite some time – but I also found the loggers had laid logs in the middle of one path I knew and I had to turn back.  Again making the walk longer when I wanted to get back home and try out some more apps.


I finally got home and did manage to fit in having a shower and then had a very late tea.


Sometimes I feel that having to shower, go to the bathroom, eat, shop and do house cleaning just seems to get in the way of my work – which is giving readings to people and writing.


At the end of the day I sat down and decided to think of at least one positive thing that had happened in my day and focus upon that.


Well I did find this lovely walk that I had not been on for a long time.  There was plenty of shade for a warm day and numerous routes to take so that  I could both vary the walk and choose whether or not for it to be a short, long or medium walk.


I also found a MASSIVE spelling error in part of the work that I was writing.  Why I had not noticed it before I do not know.  It stood out a mile!


I do believe in the angels helping us all the time and I think the fact that I could not get on with the job in hand was because the angels could see this MASSIVE spelling mistake.  Correcting it meant quite a lot more work with copying and pasting and getting various apps up on the computer.  But I sorted it out in the end.


So, my bad hair day ended well.  A nice walk found and a really bad spelling mistake corrected.

I hope that you have only good days.

Love and Light,


©Barbara Burgess 2018

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